Wear occurs on unprotected plant components during the transport and processing of bulk and piece goods. Particularly, abrasive wear significantly reduces the lifespan of plant parts and can lead to unplanned production failures.

We offer specially adapted materials and applications to counteract wear. Our solutions not only solve problems such as adhesions, corrosion, and noise but also provide effective protection for your equipment.

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Our wear protection solutions are manufactured from a variety of high-quality materials, including:

  • Rubber and rubber composite materials: These offer excellent resistance to abrasion and chemicals.

  • Plastics such as polyethylene and PTFE: They are characterized by their high lubricity and chemical resistance.

  • Polyurethane: This versatile material provides excellent abrasion resistance and shock absorption.

  • Ceramic: With its exceptional hardness and heat resistance, ceramic coatings offer long-lasting protection.

  • Polyurea: This reactive spray coating provides outstanding wear resistance and chemical resistance.

Trust our high-quality materials for effective wear protection in your facility.




Our wear protection solutions offer various high-quality fastening and connection methods to ensure reliable adhesion:

  • Bonding: With special adhesives and connection techniques, we can create a strong and permanent bond between the materials.

  • Screwing (including welding for plastics): Precise screwing or welding securely connects the components, providing stable fastening.

  • Spraying: Using our spraying process, we can evenly and efficiently apply the wear protection coating to achieve optimal adhesion and a protective layer.

  • Mechanical fastening systems: We also offer robust mechanical fastening systems that ensure a secure connection of the components and provide high load capacity.

By combining high-quality materials with effective fastening and connection methods, you will obtain a durable wear protection solution for your applications.


Efficient wear protection


Our processes ensure high-quality rubberization/coating that efficiently and permanently protects your equipment from corrosion. Modern hot-air autoclaves ensure reliable vulcanization of workshop rubber linings. Upon request, we also offer complete deliveries including steel construction and documentation.

Optimal wear protection with rubber linings.


Rubber has proven to be outstanding wear protection in many application areas. Our rubber materials offer versatile options to effectively combat abrasive wear, even in direct impact areas such as transfer sections. We are happy to provide on-site advice for optimal wear protection and suitable application forms. Based on comprehensive data, we will find the best solution for your specific needs.

Versatile plastic linings for optimal wear protection.


In addition to our rubber materials, we offer a wide range of plastic linings for excellent wear protection. We rely on special high-performance plastics such as Matrox to ensure optimal wear values and required properties such as minimal friction resistance. Especially for issues with adhesions, we offer solutions with materials like PTFE (e.g., Rema Tip Top Remaflon). Our range of services includes comprehensive consulting and professional installation.

Diverse materials for demanding wear protection.


To meet the most varied requirements in the field of wear protection, we offer materials such as polyurethane and ceramic in addition to rubber and plastic. Particularly in aggressive environments where heavy-duty wear protection is required, ceramic proves to be an ideal solution with its excellent wear values for your equipment. Our composite solutions with rubber, such as Remaline CK-X and Remalox, have already successfully mastered the most challenging tasks.


High quality and global deployment.


Thanks to our strict quality assurance system, we ensure consistent high quality. We supply all major German shipyards with seawater-resistant rubber-lined pipelines. Furthermore, our rubber-lined pipeline and filtration systems are used on over 300 ships worldwide.

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