Hatch seals play a crucial role in shipbuilding, the offshore industry, and other maritime applications. They not only ensure the safety of the crew and cargo but also protect against water, dust, and noise pollution.

Our innovative hatch sealing solutions offer you the highest quality and reliability. By utilizing advanced materials and state-of-the-art technologies, we guarantee a tight and durable seal that can withstand the most demanding conditions.

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Maritime Expertise


Rely on our expertise and experience to equip your hatches with optimal sealing. We take pride in being trusted partners worldwide in the shipping industry and other sectors.

Variety of sealing profiles

Your partner for top-notch solutions

Our extensive range of sealing profiles for seafaring vessels provides you with the ideal solution for any requirement. As a company in the rubber industry, we have access to various rubber qualities to offer tailor-made solutions. Due to our high rubber processing capacity, we can provide you with highly attractive conditions.

Global assembly experts  

Always at your service

Our highly skilled vulcanizers are deployed worldwide to carry out assembly work. We offer both independent installations with our team and coordinated installations in collaboration with your own installers and our experienced supervisor. We take care of providing the necessary materials directly at the shipyard location.


Trusted partners and customers


We take pride in the trusted collaboration with our customers and partners.

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