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Philosophy and guidelines


To satisfy the customers exceptions we got the following fundamentals:

  • We offer fully developed and approved products and employment solutions. Error and safety risks get dropped.
  • We work through preventive arrangements at a constant dropping of error rates, the accident frequency, the health hazards and the damage to the environment. We approve our processes continuous.
  • The local technical support at the customer is important for us. There we get the necessary information to plan and arrange an assignment efficient, safety and eco-friendly.
  • We care for our personals safety at the workmanship-safety first!
  • We offer a 24-hour-service. We are contactable any time to be up to help in every emergency situation.
  • The key for a safe, eco-friendly and as ordered processing of order are motivated and qualified staff members.
  • Every staff member is in charge of the quality of his own work. For this reason sources of error get identified early and the motivation of every individual gets encouraged.
  • We handle the material, tools, equipment and especially the customers property with care. So we prevent material damage und drop the risk of personal injuries.
  • We approve our quality, safety and environment standards continuous. For this reason we stay competitive.